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Benefits of Jolly Phonics Training!

Phonics is a technique which is used to teach kids how to read through use of sounds. This helps children build their reading capabilities early on. Children are also able to improve their English spelling and pronunciations which helps them in developing good communication skills. In the following sections let us look at some of the advantages of pursuing such jolly phonics course for teachers and common features of such training.


Jolly Phonics course equips you with the right knowledge so that you can teach children about:

  1. Systematic technique of learning English Language.

  2. Ways to correct and effortless pronunciations.

  3. Relationship between letters and sounds.

  4. How children can improve their vocabulary.

  5. Ways to spell any word effortlessly.

  6. Improving their comprehension skills.

Features of Phonics Training

Develop Required Skills : Jolly Phonics training will provide you the necessary skills to help students become aware of the techniques for decoding words. You will also be able to teach them about how to correctly spell words as well as read and develop required connection between sounds and letters.

Enhance Your Dexterity: The jolly phonics training will also make you aware of the 5 basic skills required for writing and reading so that you can properly teach students about them.

 You will be able to teach students about: 

  • Letter sounds

  • Letter formation 

  • Blending 

  • Identification of sounds in words

  • How to spell tricky words

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